Shell Selects Nodis25 Oct 2018

Shell Selects NODIS as One of Its Top 5 IdeaRefinery Companies

NODIS TruTint smart glass energy focus reduces building CO2 and Energy Consumption by 40% through tinting, infrared control and solar energy generation

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TruTint Technology15 May 2018

NODIS Launches Smart Glass Technology With Instantly Electrically Switchable Color, Infrared Filtering and Tinting

NODIS TruTintT is the world's first color switchable smart glass technology.

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TruTint Technology03 June 2017

NODIS Submits US Patent for Display Technology

Technology enables all glass to be low power, trasnparent, color displays using NODIS DNP technology.

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TruTint Technology 05 May 2017

NODIS Submits US Patent for Color Smart Glass

Enables glass color selection electronically

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Funding15 Feb 2017

Singapore NRF and Get2Volume Invest in NODIS

NODIS completed funding via Singapore National Research Foundation and Get2Volume.

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Industry08 Oct 2016

NODSI Finalist at Applied Materials Tech Venture

Applied Materials selected NODIS as a finalist in its technology venture competition,

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Industry 12 Seep 2016

NODIS Finalist at SLUSH

NODIS selected as a finalist at Singapore leading technology venture event SLUSH.

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